Chloe Morgane

Beautiful Basque and Sexy Stilettos

Sexiness and sophistication go hand in hand for me, which is why I love to dress the part. A touch of classy makeup, my beautiful black and white lace basque, a sheer black thong and, of course, my sexy stilettos... They're all part of the sensual seduction ritual. When you come into the room, I'm just waiting for you in the armchair by the fireplace, slowly crossing and uncrossing my legs so that you can observe every detail as my thigh slopes to hit my knee, my calves curve downwards towards my delicate ankles and my feet are displayed in a perfect arch.

As I get up and turn around, I notice your eyes drifting towards my shapely behind without pause. I know that you've always been a fan of all my attributes, but it tickles me that you're starting to become an ass man. Now that I've got you seduced with nothing but demure and sensual sophistication... What shall we do?

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