Chloe Morgane

Nude with Little Blue Flowers

It's another gorgeously sunny day and I want to have a tiny bit of exhibitionist fun. I'm not saying I want every neighbour to see all of me, but if I just sit here at the window and play with my cat (not a euphemism, my actual pet cat) maybe someone might catch a glimpse of my naked body. There's something about this that always feels kind of naughty, but how could it be anything but nice? I've got my sweet blue little flowers in my hair, so it adds a bit of cheeky innocence into everything I do, even when I lean out between the curtains, giving you a full view of me from behind. Still, I'm coy and reserved most of the time, picking the perfect moments to tease you with a more intimate view... It's just to keep you on your toes.

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