Chloe Morgane

Sweet Polkadot Dress Striptease

Don't you just love my polkadot dress? It makes me feel so cute and feminine. I love the way it accentuates my curves and I love the way you love me in it. Despite loving that I feel so cute and girly, I can't help but yearn to add a little bit more of my womanly edge to the mix... You just sit there while I calmly and seductively wriggle out of my dress to show you what I've got on underneath.

Of, course, I can't just get bare naked. Oh no. I want you to enjoy this little show and really crave to see my body. First I unzip the back, then gently let the straps fall, then show off just a hint of cleavage before finally letting it drop to reveal my breasts. I know how badly you wanted to see them. Now that they're free, what should we do?

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